winids's server IP address can not be found when starting security console

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Hello everyone, sorry to bother you. Yesterday i'm following the tutorial  "Installing an Apache2 Web Server logging events to a MySQL Database" by Morpheus to my computer using windows 10 and it work, i can access the 'http://winids' on my browser. But today i cant access it. 



I can't even start Apache2.4 and error messages like this always appear.


and when i test the barnyard config file, it show that "unknown mysql server host 'winids'.5c84bd21db42d_winidshosteror.PNG.a1ebd808ee585f182d6a80258d707501.PNG

what should i need to do so i can access the http://winids again?

thank you so much and sorry to bother you all.

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9 hours ago, Morpheus said:

Can you ping winids?

When I try to ping winids on cmd but it cant ping the winids because the system cant find host winids.


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Looks like there was a problem with the modder file adding winids to the hosts file.

add to hosts file: winids

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Thank you so much it work after i'm adding winids to host file 


and then i can access http://winids on my browser


And can you give any tips what must i do so the system winids security control can work properly? like i just need to open "http://winids" to check the secure of my computer or i need to start other thing like snort or mysql  in cmd. Thank you so much sir Morpheus and have a great day. 

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