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  1. Yes,it is not work...DoS doen't work too,snort detect DoS like a simple ICMP, in the signature it mark : icmp event my DoS.bat : @echo off for /l %%v in (0, 1,25) do start ping /w 1 /t /l 65500
  2. Hello everyone snort can't detect scan port...i use nmap to scan.
  3. Hello Nate! Attach your and do captures of IIS configuration(Default web site parameters).
  4. Now it work!!! Now i want to use it in this architecture : install snort and base in windows server 2008 and use windows 7 and debian like the Virtual Box now all clients can request the server and server too : i use internal connnexion and NAT connexion in the virtual box Network, but when i launch snort and do a ping or open any web site the are no icmp traffic either tcp traffic in internal and NAT connexion.
  5. Hi AliAlHinai, I encountered the same problem with barnyard2 I change barnyard.conf at the connection to the database : output database: log, mysql, user =snort password =l1gg3r dbname =snort host = port=3306 sensor_name = WinIDS-Home on me the connection is established, but the file is still empty merged.log ...I'm waiting Morpheus to help me too.
  6. Hello, my last problem :merged.log.****** is always empty...
  7. I think the problem is barnyard2,it can not connect to mysql, when i installed it i had run the auto-local-barnyard2.reg without problem,now after reboot when i initialize manually barnryard with by2test.bat : I have the following error: for connexon with database in barnyard2.conf I use: output database: log, mysql, user =snort password =l1gg3r dbname =snort host = WIN-BDXXP8P8FSY sensor_name = WinIDS-Home
  8. Hello I followed the tutorial step by step, now the interface BASE does not back any traffic , I try a ping from another machine on the network but nothing .
  9. When i open the BASE interface i have some php eror,there are many fonction not exist any more on php5, like ereg_replace(),it is remplaced with replaced with preg_replace(),so when i change this i got another error on the regex : preg_replace() compilation failed :unmatch parentheses offset; i have verified the regex but i don't find eror.
  10. Thanks Morpheus for your reply....i have install the pear package Image...Now my problem is the files of BASE (is old)... i gonna download the old php(2) to run BASE normaly?
  11. Hello evry one I'm new in winsnort forum...I have install Winsnort on Windows Server 2008,i use IIS 7.i need help to install BASE image_Color package when i try to download it the web site return a error,and the files of BASE is old to php5,i have try to revised it but i can not do....please can you give the recent files of BASE that work with Php5, and explain me how to install manually the package of Image_Color to use with BASE,thanks. PS:Sorry i don't write and speak very well english.