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  1. Dear Morpheus, MySQL is running and even I did a restart for machine and still the same error. if any further suggestion for troubleshooting please don't hesitate to communicate. Thanks in advanced,
  2. Dear All, I am MSC student and I am currently in the project phase (two weeks remaining) . My project requiring to install snort in windows and lucky I am that I found your website to do the installation in windows 2008 server standard. I followed all the steps mentioned in installing WINDS and when I reach the test barnyard2 by file by2-test.bat it return me error, cannot connect to MySQL server on 'WINIDS' <111> branyard2 exiting database :closing connection to database "snort" I am running out of time and I need also to configure snort/winids to get the update files from a file server/not from internet where this snort will communicate to that file server to get the update. Please if any body knows how to I will be grateful. Waiting your valuable support. Regards and Thanks, Ali Alhinai