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  1. Oh Man, I hate it when it's just me being stupid. I found the file and worked through the rest of the tutorial. However, I'm now having a problem with the Winids Security console. I get the attached screen shot. Thanks. Nate
  2. Thanks for the sugestions. I figured out that modder.vbs did not run correctly. After i manually installed C++ I got he config page and verified all the stuff. I made it a lot further through the tutorial untill i got here: Configuring the Windows Intrusion Detection Systems (WinIDS) Security Console At the CMD prompt type 'tartool d:tempopensource.tar.gz d:winidsinetpubwwwrootbasesignatures' (less the outside quotes), and tap the 'Enter' key. The command line returns this: D:Temp>tartool d:tempopensource.tar.gz d:winidsinetpubwwwrootbasesignatures Error extracting d:tempopensource.tar.gz Exception message Could not find file 'd:tempopensource.tar.gz'. Where does opensource.tar.gz come from? Is it added by modder.vbs? is in another compressed file? Thanks in advance, Nate
  3. I've been working through the tutorial, THanks for all the detail! I've hit a snag that I'm not sure about. In the Testing Internet Information Services, and the PHP installation section I get this page. I've gone back a few sections to verifiy my .config file changes. Win 7 x64 Please Help! Thanks.