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  1. Correct. However, I have found that over time (way over a WEEK), it did catch up with itself.
  2. Okay, this is the second time I've run into this. I had the exact same results when I did the install using IIS and MySQL. I built by following line-for-line the posted instructions. Barnyard, snort winsql checks were all successful. Base starts up properly. Base shows ONLY updates from the first day it was running The base home page (and any other pages I open) shows the red 'events updated' message periodically in the upper part of the page. I get nothing, however, when I click on the menu items for Today's events or date limited searches. I'm guessing it has something to do with base configuration, but I don't know what it might be. Any ideas are welcome, I'd be more than happy to try anything you can suggest. Flonk
  3. Yeah, I never see that; just the three lines shown. I was hoping that it would have some relation to the inability of BASE to display updated alerts, even when the alert count has incremented. Guess I'll keep looking.
  4. When I run the command 'd:winidsactivatorsby2-test' everything seems to run properly. The odd thing is the final output. From the install doc it should show: Barnyard2 successfully loaded configuration file! Snort exiting database: Closing connection to database "snort" What I'm seeing: Barnyard2 successfully loaded configuration file! Barnyard2 exiting database: Closing connection to database "snort" That second line specifying 'Barnyard2'; is that a problem?