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  1. Tried that twice with the same result, the sys folder didn't show up in d:winidsstrawberryperllib, so after going to lunch did a reboot and tried it again and it work. Seems like the reboot of the system is solving my problems. p.s. manybe i'm getting to old for this stuff and need to pass it down to these younger guys ! LOL Thanks for the reply back Morpheus.
  2. When running this command: perl d:winidspulledporkpulledpork.pl -c d:winidspulledporketcpulledpork.conf -T it fails with--compilation aborted at D:winidspulledprotpulledpork.pl line 29. When looking at line 29 for pulledpork.pl there is line called 'use sys::syslog;' Has anyone else had or seen this problem ?
  3. Morpheus, Good news, got the http://winids/to finally show up. Went and removed the 'base_main.php" default document and also the PHP entry for Handler Mappings for iis and did a reboot and set them back up and now have the page showing. The http://winids/base_main.phpworks also. Have a good night Morpheus.
  4. Morpheus, Yes, followed the tutorial, never moved to another section till all passed and also run the modder.vbs file and checked the section again 'Configuring Internet Information Services for PHP' which does show the PHP in the Handler Mappings, and also the test.php does work from the URL http://winids/test.php. Just still getting a blank page when using the URL http://winids/ Have also setup this before in 2008 and never had a problem, and also Snort, so figure there is a setting mismatch that I haven't found. Thanks for the quick reply back.
  5. Have the same problem, the Security console show a blank page, have attached the config files.