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  1. LOL! Thank You! I didn't even notice the Hash Tags. Slaps Forehead with palm of hand . . . .
  2. I am editing the snort.conf file with notepad2 and I am confused by this section of the Tutorial for x64 MySQL install: Original Line(s):# include $PREPROC_RULE_PATH/preprocessor.rules# include $PREPROC_RULE_PATH/decoder.rules# include $PREPROC_RULE_PATH/sensitive-data.rulesChange to:include $PREPROC_RULE_PATH/preprocessor.rulesinclude $PREPROC_RULE_PATH/decoder.rulesinclude $PREPROC_RULE_PATH/sensitive-data.rules There is no change here!? Would I be correct in changing to the 'Change to:' section to this? include $PREPROC_RULE_PATH d:\winids\snort\etc\preprocessor.rules include $PREPROC_RULE_PATH d:\winids\snort\etc\decoder.rules include $PREPROC_RULE_PATH d:\winids\snort\etc\sensitive-data.rules Or is there a different path for these rules? Thank You! Jeffegg