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  1. hello again, Morpheus , that did the trick, thanks a lot https://ibb.co/dkb1uS to think I miss that line all the time I check the conf. file. I think I was too block to event notice it. as for the file thanks there was no way I could have guess or find that was a problem. time to generate some traffic again xD; again thx a lot for you help and time.
  2. hi again, 1.went I try to browse this happen https://ibb.co/ff04eS (same msg event after reconfiguring one more time before responding) 2. the 3 file are on the zip 3. the last file you ask for I found it in C:\Windows\System32\inetsrv\config, not in C:\Windows\System32\inetsrv thx a lot for the help; I maybe planning on doing a fresh install on a new virtual machine but this time using apache in stead of IIS. (depend on free time since I got to get ready for my monograph at university, and tomorrow ill be getting all the details on what to do) PHP ini and test.zip
  3. hi and thx for the reply, I just finish redoing the part of the tutorial you instructed me to do and I get the following error: https://ibb.co/ff04eS https://ibb.co/dbmMR7 as for the proxy, I'm installing in a virtualbox machine (Server2016) Network attachment set to 'Bridge mode' since this is my first time trying this installing I don't want to run it on any of the server till I can get it working 100%. thx in advance
  4. hi everyone, let me say first : I'm really a novice in all the sense of the world, that aside I have fallow every single part of the tutorial triple check all setting but I'm still getting that error, the weird part is that the test.php is successful but after I finish the tutorial and went to http://winidis/ I get the directory and http://winids/base_main.php I get error 500, I check in the IIS and notice the directory browsing was enable so I turn it off and I got error 403. so to sum it up: with Directory browsing disable http://winidis/ give me = error 403 + error 500 on http://winids/base_main.php with Directory browsing enable http://winidis/ give me = get the page on the attachment + error 500 on http://winids/base_main.php thx in advance; ATT: Raymer Rodríguez Edit: forgot to mention i check the forum for my tutorial and read all post but still no dice Edit 2: I try to reinstall the whole configuration and testing and went I was around the Pear process I notices the warning and is asking me to run a regedit entry as well as it only install 3 out the 11 PEAR packages (it install it all of them the first time I run it) (did run the update after I notice the msg and still same result).