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  1. I completed every installation procedure successfully. However, when I try to connect to "http://winids" , I get a 403 error: The web page declined to show this webpage. Is there a permission error that I need to correct? Or what setting did I fail to modify correctly. Thanks, Greg
  2. Hey, morph, I remember your name before 2014 from somewhere else. Have you been a moderator at other forums, LFS, macports, fink, smoothwall,etc.. Anyway, thanks for your confirmation of what I was planning to do, because besides reinstallation that was the quicker solution. You know, I remember in my very neophyte days, quotes were used in instructions, but what was the need for them but to confuse? In some tutorials, certain characters were explicitly warned not to be used because of conflicts with different config files. I know if I had followed your instructions to the letter this might not have occurred. But, we are always warned not to use default passwords and I didn't want to have change these passwords after the installation was complete. This is really deja vu, because I remember having this conversation about quote marks since they are used as part of a command, sed and ed, years ago. If you need any help updating the instructions so blunderers like me may avoid these errant mistakes, give me a buzz. Best to you, gchinn
  3. I think I need to redo the installation from the beginning because I caused some problems for myself. My error was that I used the '$' in my password for the database users, snort and base. When I tried to test the configuration for barnyard2, an error occurred stating that an unknown something was detected. It listed the password minus the '$', sign. So I changed the database users passwords and barnyard completed successfully. But the 403 error occurred. I went through the installation process again using the test.php but it won't connect. I also reinstalled the rules snapshot and modified snort.conf again. Is there any way to get around this blunder without an installation from scratch. Apologetically, gchinn