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  1. Hello, I checked all the settings and I found nothing wrong. You will find attached to this message the php.ini file. php.ini
  2. Hello, (OK, this time, I'm pretty sure I have not forgotten any step) I am on Windows 8.1. When I type 'http://winids/temp.php' in the address bar of a web browser (IE or Firefox), I get a 502.2 error. Apparently, it's due to the REDIRECT_STATUS CGI variable not being set in php.ini. But according to the php website, this variable is not set for security reasons... I tried to do the previous steps again to make sure I had not forgotten anything, to no avail. If I change this variable, will it solve the problem? Is it safe to do so? Is there another way to solve this issue? Am I completely off-track? Thank you in advance for your answer.