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  1. Thanks Dear Morpheus, I found that the right index of the Network Interface Card should be 1.When I use 'd:\winids\snort\bin\snort -v –i1' I can see a lot network traffic. so I just skipped this Network Interface Card detecting step.I hope that's OK...
  2. hi I just installed snort_2.9.8.0 on my 64bit windows 2008 r2 server.Before that I already installed .Net framework3.5 and WinPcap_4_1_3 on the same server. However,when I start the snort programme using " d:\winids\snort\bin\snort –W ",the system reflect with an error as the information below: C:\Users\Operator>d:\winids\snort\bin\snort –W Running in packet dump mode --== Initializing Snort ==-- Initializing Output Plugins! Snort BPF option: –W pcap DAQ configured to passive. The DAQ version does not support reload. Acquiring network traffic from "\Device\NPF_{F2C3B9BA-92A1-44DC-B5A1-3F12E26623F E}". ERROR: Can't set DAQ BPF filter to '–W' (@P)! Fatal Error, Quitting.. anyone can help me solve this problem? thank you very much