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  1. everything is working fine except the bottom of the front base screen where we select the issues: any Ideas?
  2. UPDATE - ok. stupid user tricks. Apparently there was just too much data? anyhow, cleared database, restarted and viola, all is well with the world. Lost some historical data, but not the biggest concern. Thanks for the input Morpheus - i appreciate the effort to help.
  3. Did you clear the browser cache ? - yes Did you try in a different browser ? - yes Did you try cycling compatibility view in IE ? - yes works - no It is strange as everything seems to be updating fine. I can even do a search and get results. just nothing on main screen
  4. Morpheus, thanks for the quick response. This is not the actual screen shot - I added so that you can see that the bottom is blank, as min is. I am using schema version 107. That may setill be a problme, I do no know.