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  1. Hello, I followed the tutorial Installing an IIS Web Server logging events to a MySQL Database. everything went well. I have got http://winids. it is static. I see no alerts or TCP, UDP, ICMP. can you tell me how it works? i joind capture page. help me again
  2. thank very much. I did exactly what you said, but nothing and more recent problem, I also see that Snort does not start in services. when I tried to boot, I get the 1067 error message: "the process has unexpectedly stop"
  3. yes, in the snort/log folder, there are several files that I can't seem to read I attach this folder, the files barnyard2.conf and snort.conf . files.zip
  4. hi ! thank you for your help. just for verification. When I start my pc, barnyard2 to execute well and stops at this level. do you think that is normal in this picture?
  5. hello, thank you for your help. I'm just trying this trick but I do not have a good result. I do not see warning based on my page. when I execute the start.bat file. where I stop the process of start.bat by pressing "ctrl + c" I get the result from 0 percent
  6. thank for you answer. I'll even all its possibilities. on failure, i will manually add rules