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  1. Thanks Morpheus. Sorry about the delay in responding to this thread, work related duties. I did get the winsnort up and running flawlessly. This tutorial worked wonders, it was easy to follow, it was accurately written and it worked beautifully for someone who is new to snort/linux, like myself. I am off to find a tutorial, that is just as good to install snort in IPS mode using Ubuntu Server. Thanks again. Belnando
  2. Screen shot attached... Yep, I did run modder.. Yes, the installation of perl followed the tutorial and.. yep, everything that's supposed to be on "d" is there. I did go back through the installation this morning and updated the conf. files but its still the same problem. It is obvious that I am over looking something but... I cannot see it yet. Thanks Belnando
  3. Thanks for your reply Morpheus The problem here is that you mentioned the process should last about 30 minutes and quit. In my case it does not last 30 seconds. It goes straight to those errors mentioned above and returns to the prompt. I will check the configuration files again, I might have missed something. Cheers Belnando
  4. I am in the process of setting up to pull the rules automatically via pulledpork, however when I run this command "perl d:\winids\pulledpork\ -c d:\winids\pulledpork\etc\pulledpork.conf -T" (without the commas of course) I get 'uname' is not recognised as an internal or external command, operable command or batch file. It is also throwing up errors in lines 463 and 1847. Has anyone encountered this and has any idea of a solution? Thanks Belnando
  5. Thanks for your response, however I decided to scrub and start over. Initially I got the same woes but eventually I think the problem boiled down to what others were saying, which is that IIS was not saving the setup info. for php. In my case, even though the info. was actually registered in IIS, it was still not being recognised. I had to re-input the info. a few times before it actually worked. So for those who may be experiencing similar woes, I just had to keep inputting the info. till it worked.. by the way I am using Windows 7. Thanks Belnando!
  6. HI there, I am currently trying the installation of winsnort, the installation seems to have gone well, but the security console is blank when I run the test. I have read the threads on this forum and it seems as though the main problem is between IIS and PHP not saving the script etc. This is not my case however, the handler and the document seems to have saved the info. which was inputted. All the tests that were to be run, seem to run fine as I have not noticed any errors. I have also checked the conf and ini files and they look fine to me also but I am no expert so I could be overlooking things. I have attached my files to see if anyone can determine where I am going wrong. Hopefully I can get this fixed shortly. Thanks in advance for your support. Cheers Belnando barnyard2.conf base_conf.php php.ini snort.conf