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  1. I attempted your recommendation and it doesn't seem to be working for me. I decided to uninstall and try again, however, once at the 'Install Internet Information Service Section' I didn't see an option for windows 8, so I've used the instructions for Windows 7(as this seemed to match my setting best) is this perhaps where I am going wrong? Also the modder.vbs file is running fine. Thank you for your help so far
  2. Hi, I'm currently working with winsnort on my final year university project and I've managed to go through the installation, however, I am having issues with the final part where I should be able to see the events in the WinIDS Console when I visit the page http:winids. Rather I am taken to a page which says Install Internet Information Services with a bunch of different welcoming translations. I should point out up until this point I haven't had any issues, the only change I've made has been changing the driver path from d:winids etc to w:winids etc as the driver path was already in use. Any ideas why I am unable to see the events? Thank you!