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  1. I actually did get this working using the tutorial. So the latest Snort plus Barnyard2 will provide me the data and info I need to continue to use Puresecure WFE. (I'm so happy!)
  2. Greetings folks, Many years ago (when I didn't realize I was still young) I set up an IDS using Snort and Demarc PureSecure. I really liked Demarc because of the user interface and the ability to manage snort, rulesets and monitor hosts. I also figured out how to add plugins to extend the features. Sadly they went out of business really quickly. When Snort finally dumped DB output I was really bummed. I found WinSnort (which is a fantastic site. I tip my hat to the group of people that keep this site going) and see that Barnyard can log snort data to a MySQL database. Does Barnyard log data like snort used to? By that I mean is the table structure still this same? If so this is exactly what I'm looking for. I appreciate any feedback this group has. Thanks, -Matt