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  1. Hello All Is it possible to change all the default usernames and password to winsnort and its databases? I thought I read somewhere that the installations have already preconfigured credentials but can they be changed afterwards? Once the server has been built, can we change the default credentials? Thanks, JoPe
  2. I think I fixed it. 1. I left out a " in the base_conf.php file. This fixed the blank screen but a second error showed about database password not correct. Fix number two was; 2. I didn't realize that the password contains an lower case l (as is "L"arry) and a 1 (as in number 1).. After these two, I see a nicely formatted page. No hits though, but that's the next battle. Thanks!
  3. ​This is good. and the settings are all correct according to the guide.
  4. ​Did not work... the php.test works fine, and all the variables are set correctly, but once I try http://winids, I get a blank screen.. Anything else?
  5. I am having the same issues. Can you explain a little further?