Compiling process for Barnyard2 has changed!

This announcement is no longer active


The Barnyard2 compiling tutorial has been updated to cover compiling Barnyad2 with either PostgreSQL database support, MySQL database support, or both.

It is important to know that of this date the current build of Barnyard2 build 337 is current. The current build has been and has always been available in the core software packs.

It is really not necessary to compile Barnyard2. The biggest reason for creating a new compile revolves around the version of the database installed. Barnyard2 is specifically built for specific versions of the database. The Barnyard2 binary in the core software packs are in sync with the database that is being installed per each tutorial.

If anywhere down the line there is a database upgrade to an existing Windows Intrusion Detection System (WinIDS) then compiling a new version of Barnyard2 with the new source code could be beneficial. With that said, does update the database versions periodically and Barnyard2 is updated to be in sync with the new version of the database. Just come and check out the tutorial that was originally used and if it shows a newer version, just grab the latest Barnyard2  from the core software pack, and download the newer database server from the tutorial.

If you have any questions, or need assistance just leave a note in the Client Lounge support forum using the Get Support! button below.