WinIDS Software Support Programs Updated

This announcement is no longer active


Several support programs have been updated :

  • Apache2 has been updated from 2.4.37 to 2.4.38
  • MySQL has been updated from 8.0.13 to 8.0.14
  • PostgreSQL x64 has been added 11.1-1
  • Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2017 has been added
  • Npcap Packet Capturing Library 0.99-r9 has replaced WinPcap 4.1.13

Recompiled Barnyard2 for any new database versions listed above...

Note: The Windows Intrusion Detection System has been using WinPcap since 2002 for capturing packets. WinPcap has been abandoned for the last several years and there were some quirks with it. has been testing out a new packet capturing library for the last several weeks called Npcap. There have been no issues and Npcap has replace WinPcap in all the tutorials.